Overcoming Common Debilitating Illnesses and Injuries in Glendale

Within the last decade, modern medicine has made great strides in treating common skeletal and muscular illnesses and injuries. Before these discoveries were made, people who suffered from conditions like back or joint pain or sciatica often had no choice but to go through surgery to experience relief. Even at that, the relief was often short-lived because of how invasive the surgeries actually were.

Today, however, doctors use inventive treatments to treat common yet debilitating conditions that impact the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. With stem cell therapy in Glendale, AZ, patients could experience permanent relief from conditions that limit their everyday movement.

Encouraging New Cell Growth

In terms of stem cell therapy in Glendale, AZ, doctors use it to encourage patients’ bodies to grow new cells. When your cell growth is impeded or halted because of illnesses like arthritis, your body then becomes vulnerable to injuries and conditions that cause significant pain and limited movement.

The stem cells that are injected into your body teach other cells in your blood to grow and regenerate themselves so that your body also begins to heal itself. In time, you could lessen your dependence on painkillers. You also could avoid having to undergo surgery for the condition.

Less Invasive Treatment

Stem cell therapy is also less invasive than other treatments designed to treat muscular and skeletal conditions. The cells are introduced through IV treatment or injections. You have to tolerate brief needle pricks in your body rather than healing from major incisions made in your back, legs, arms and elsewhere.

You also face less of a recovery period from the therapy. You can typically get back to your normal routine in a matter of days if not hours.

You can find out more about stem cell therapy online. Contact Cactus Medical Center.

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