Organic Infant Formula Made in the USA is an Option to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby has many benefits, from strengthening the mother/child bond to strengthening the baby’s immune system and fostering healthy brain development. However, there are times that breastfeeding isn’t possible. For those times, organic baby formula is an option.

Many commercially produced baby formulas contain excessive amounts of sugar, dioxins, and preservatives. Moreover, these formulas also contain artificial DHA and ARA, which are essential nutrients in mother’s milk. However, the artificial versions are derived from fungus and algae. Also, during processing, hexane is sometimes used; if hexane gets into the formula, it can cause negative effects on the baby’s nervous system. Likewise, the artificial vitamins used are also processed with toxic chemicals.

Organic baby formula does not contain these artificial ingredients; they are made from organic milk-derived casein, a variety of organic vegetable oils, and a tiny bit of organic corn syrup. While this is a more wholesome meal compared to commercial baby formulas, breastfeeding is superior; breast milk contains all of the complex nutrients a baby really needs.

Well-rounded and wholesome nutrition is essential for an infant’s healthy development. This early development forms the basis of a child’s intelligence and personality. Studies have shown that breast-fed infants have a reduced incidence of allergies, asthma, type-2 diabetes, and obesity. Overall, breastfed babies grow up to be healthier, with fewer serious health problems. However, for those times that you can’t breastfeed, organic infant formula is an option.

Perrigo Nutrition produces a store-brand organic baby formula for many of your favorite stores.

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