Options For Mania Treatment In Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Mental Health

One of the most important jobs that we have is to take every patient as a unique individual and develop treatment plan that is specifically designed and planned just for them. Our therapists that work in the specialization of mania treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah are well versed in the medications and the treatment modalities used for this condition and can pull from different options to develop a fully customized plan.

Medication Options
The significant highs experienced by those that in a manic phase are often described as euphoric and on top of the world. They are energetic, talkative and often take extreme risks in what they say, what they do and how they act.

Often people that are experiencing a manic episode do not want to come back to normal. They want to continue with the behavior and feel that they are invincible, always right and certainly more intelligent than those trying to provide assistance and support.

Our staff often prescribes medications as part of mania treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah. This, as stated above, will depend on the individual patient, the rate of cycling between highs and lows and their individual ability to realize that they are in a manic state. Typical medications used at our facility may include mood stabilizers, anticonvulsant drugs, and the use of lithium, all which require careful medical monitoring for safety.

Therapeutic Options in Salt Lake City, Utah
We always start with a full psychological evaluation of our clients including a medical history and a current full physical. Through this we can determine if bipolar disorder, the mania and depression condition, is present. In some cases mania may be caused by other issues including some prescription and some illegal drugs, which will required a different mania treatment and therapeutic response.

We use psychotherapy or talk therapy for most of our patient’s with manic episodes and bipolar disorder. While this isn’t a treatable condition it can be managed with increased coping strategies and self-monitoring as well as the use of the right medications for mood stabilization.

When we have patients that are experiencing manic behavior because of drugs we work with them to complete addiction recovery programs and prevent relapse.

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