Natural Detox Cleanse for Better Health

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Health

A natural detox cleanse is a great idea of you have been feeling out of sorts lately. That can mean that you have been sluggish, suffering digestive problems, have aches or pains that don’t seem to have a tangible origin or you need to lose those extra pounds. When you detoxify it means that you clean your blood from impurities. This cleaning happens in the liver because this is one major place where toxins are eliminated. Other organs that remove toxins include the skin, kidneys, lymph, intestines and the lungs. If these organs are unable to do their job correctly then the whole body suffers.

There are several ways by which a good detox program can cause your body to naturally clean itself out. You could stimulate the liver, improve how blood circulates in the body, fast to give your organs rest, bombard your body with a host of healthy nutrients or promote the removal of the said toxins through the skin, intestines or the kidneys. It is recommended that each person should go through a detoxification program at least one time every year. However if you are pregnant, nursing or being treated for a chronic illness, you should have your healthcare providers permission before you do so.

There are several signs that tell you it is time for a natural detox cleanse. Some of these include bloating, skin breakouts, infections, fatigue that you can’t get away from, allergies, confusion, sluggish elimination, problems with your monthly period or even puffy eyes. To begin the process of elimination of toxins begin by cutting off those things that are obviously bad for you such as coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, saturated fats, coffee and refined sugars. If you have been using household cleaners that are chemical based you may want to switch them out with more natural alternatives. The same applies for your healthcare products and personal effects.

Most of the natural detox cleanse recipes available will give rest to your digestive system. They will do away with solid food and include fresh juices made from fruit and vegetables. In addition you will drink lots of filtered water. They generally last 3 to 7 days because your body takes time to clean out the blood. Once that is done you can go on a further 5 day detox diet that will include lots of high fiber foods, vegetables and fruit. Herbs that protect and stimulate the liver are also a good idea.

A natural detox cleanse is a great idea and it is recommended that you go through one of these at least one time every year.


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