More Effective Medical Imagine In Minneapolis, MN

Doctors have a range of extraordinary technologies available to them today. They can see into the human bodies in ways that they couldn’t even have dreamed of just decades ago, and they are working hard to continue to improve on both the technology itself and how it is used in medical practice to help real patients. If you are experiencing pain and seeking a diagnosis, though, not all settings will produce the same results to help your doctor figure out what is going on. With the newer open and standing machines available, you can get much more effective medical imaging in Minneapolis MN.

MRI scanners were initially designed as something where patients would always be lying down. This is a good default, because the people who need scans sometimes can not sit or stand up at all, or may not be able to do so well enough to provide a clear visual of what is going on. In some cases, though, this approach is inadequate.

For people who are suffering from injuries or pain in particular, the patient often feels relief from the pain when lying down. This means that it is a position where the problem is not asserting itself. As a result, some people go in for an MRI to figure out why they are in pain and the doctor can not see anything unusual going on at all.

This is why medical imaging facilities that allow patients to stand during the scan are so important. If you feel less or no pain while lying down, you are better off having the test run at a place that will allow you to be in the position that causes the pain while they are taking the images. This maximizes the chance that the problem will be visible and that your doctor will be able to provide a correct diagnosis promptly.

Don’t just go with having your scan done wherever you are directed. You have a right as a patient to insist on using a medical imaging facility that will give you the best results and move you towards relief from your pain. If you believe that it would help you, insist on having your imaging done at a facility that will allow you to stand up during the process.



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