Misconceptions about Juvederm

Juvederm is one of many “skin fillers”, the purpose of which is to be injected into the skin to fill in and add volume to creases and wrinkles in the skin. If you’re, Juvederm treatment Fayetteville  you’ve likely heard about some of the following misconceptions, but rest assured, misconceptions are all that they are. With that said, here are some of the many misconceptions about Juvederm and the truth to debunk them.

#1. Juvederm is painful

An easy misconception to make, considering that pretty much anything administered via needle poking into your skin is considered painful. However, not only will your doctor likely use an anesthetic to make sure the administration itself is as painless as possible, the most you’re likely to feel is a pricking sensation from the needle. There are very, very rare cases where the patient felt any pain afterwards.

#2. Juvederm isn’t safe

For the most part, Juvederm is completely approved for any and all patients who come seeking it. There is nothing inherently dangerous about the process whatsoever. The only people who should be concerned are people with histories of anaphylactic allergies, women who are breastfeeding, and anyone under 18 years of age. Besides that, there isn’t anything to worry about.

#3. Juvederm has many long lasting side effects

Here are the side effects of Juvederm treatment

    *     Swelling or soreness on or around the affected area
    Redness and mild discoloration
*     And a slight stinging sensation

Here is how long these can typically last: 1 week. If these side effects persist longer than one week, consult your doctor immediately. Otherwise, there are no other side effects of using Juvederm.

#3. A cosmetician can administer Juvederm

While for the most part Juvederm is a completely harmless procedure, it is still medical in nature, and thus should only be handled strictly by medical professionals. In other words, if they’re not a dermatologist, they aren’t qualified.

#4. You shouldn’t combine Juvederm with other products

Not only can Juvederm be combined with other skin care products, they often are. Juvederm is often combined with other cosmetic procedures, although this is more of a case by case basis, depending on the patient receiving treatment. Always discuss with your doctor the benefits and drawbacks of Juvederm treatments combined with any other cosmetic treatment.

Juvederm has built up many misconceptions over the years, from its process to it’s after effects. However, these assumptions are either examples of overreacting or simple ignorance of the process. So if you have any fears about Juvederm, talk to your dermatologist, and see if they can clear them up for you.

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