Look Naturally Beautiful with Permanent Cosmetics

If you are finding the endless circle of applying makeup and removing it every night to be tiresome as well as expensive Pittsburgh Permanent Cosmetics can provide you a natural look that is effortless. You will enjoy the benefits of beauty enhancing makeup without the need to apply it or buy it.

Permanent Cosmetics Options

In Pittsburgh permanent cosmetics options are becoming more popular as they have advanced in the application, look and appeal. Permanent cosmetics options include eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. These are the areas that are the easiest to apply the permanent makeup as well as the most common areas women find the most troublesome. For lips, the constant need to apply and reapply makeup as well as finding a color that is flattering and natural looking is an endless source of frustration for many women. Eyeliner is difficult to apply and can also add unattractive black “goop” in the corner of your eyes. Eyebrows are plucked and re-plucked which is both painful and difficult to maintain.

How it Works

In Pittsburgh permanent cosmetics are applied using micropigmentation. Pigments are hypoallergenic so are suitable for just about anyone. The pigment is applied using state of the art digital equipment for minimum discomfort and maximum impact. You can elect to have the pigment applied in the tone to suit your natural skin and hair tone for the most realistic and beauty enhancing results.

Who Will Benefit from Permanent Cosmetics

Anyone can benefit from permanent cosmetics treatments. However, it is particularly satisfying for those with the following challenges:

1. People who have difficult applying makeup due to visual challenges or shaky hands
2. Sparse eyebrows or missing eyebrows
3. Poorly defined or pale lips
4. A very busy lifestyle
5. People who are  physically active
6. People with scarring
7. People tired of applying makeup

Overall Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics

Pittsburgh permanent cosmetics can be an excellent solution to help you with your daily regime. You will wakeup looking beautiful and can still choose to enhance your makeup, lip color and eye makeup whenever and however you wish. You will also save money on makeup and find yourself less worried about your appearance as you will always know your lips and eyes look perfect.

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