Life After A Sports Injury In St. Augustine Florida

Whether it happens to us or to somebody that we know about; many of us come across sports injuries in two distinct ways. First, there is the actual moment of injury; we are playing or watching a sport when, out of the blue, something goes wrong and someone is writhing in agony. The second moment comes sometime after the injury event; when someone says – I would love to come (say) 10 pin bowling with you; but, I have this old sports injury and my knee (or elbow) won’t take it anymore”.

Short Term & Long Term Effects
The initial aim for Sports Injury Treatment In St Augustine has to be to fix the broken leg; pop the dislocated shoulder back into place; or, whatever else the accident had done to the victim. If the victim is a prized player in a major sport, this first treatment will be trying very hard to fix things up so that the player can continue to earn his living as a professional sports player. Things shouldn’t be any different for an amateur player; but, often, less emphasis will be put on getting the amateur “back into the game”.

Usually, it is medical doctors and hospitals who deal with the initial Sports Injury Treatment in St Augustine and they tend to leave the longer term issues to “others” – others such as physical therapists or chiropractors. Physical therapy would normally start at the time the doctors finish their work and, hopefully, it will ensure that the patient has been given a long term cure. Unfortunately, particularly if the injury was relatively minor in nature, the follow up care is not always provided – hence the people who, years later, cannot lead a full life because of some, possibly minor, sports injury haunting them from their past.

Total Treatment
When bones have been broken; joints dislocated; or, muscles sprained; attention should be given to areas of the body not directly affected by the trauma; but, possibly, indirectly affected (especially over time). A chiropractor would not be setting your broken bones when providing Sports Injury Treatment In St Augustine; but, once the bone has set; a chiropractor can be of great assistance in avoiding any long term complications that could easily arise. The chiropractor looks at more than just the break; the whole of your body should be checked and any necessary adjustments made to ensure a total recovery.

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