Laser Hair Removal – How The Process Works


Excess hair can be embarrassing and although it can be waxed, plucked or shaved off, this is not as effective as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a suitable procedure for both men and women who feel uncomfortable with any additional hair on the body. Hair can sometimes grow in areas that we do not want it to, such as on the chin, the upper lip, the back, the chest and side of the face. This technology has improved over time and is completed with heat penetration that focuses on the hair and surrounding skin. The constant heat source from laser hair removal prevents the follicles from producing more hair, due to the root being destroyed.

Laser Hair Removal – Who Will Be Suitable For This Procedure?

Although laser hair removal can be completed successfully on most people, it is advisable for those who have dark skin and hair. This is because people with dark features may be more likely to grow excess hair, making people with lots of melanin in their skin a good candidate for laser hair removal. People who have been exposed to the sun will not have the same skin as those who are born with high levels of melanin, so a consultation is recommended to ensure you can expect a good result. People with blonde or red hair might not benefit as much. However, speaking with the person completing laser hair removal will help you to understand exactly what your options are.

Laser Hair Removal – Potential Problems

Laser hair removal is a straightforward procedure but there may be certain risks attached. These risks for laser hair removal will affect a very minor portion of people, but it is important to be aware of them. This high-tech method is very effective for hair removal on the face, the legs, the back and the chest. Because the root of the hairs is targeted, it is vital that the skin is prepared beforehand. This is normally done with a cooling spray or gel and without this, laser hair removal could cause irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Laser Hair Removal – What Laser Will Be Used?

During laser hair removal, the type of laser that will be utilized will depend on your skin type and the amount of hair that is to be eliminated. Common types of lasers include ruby lasers, diode lasers, alexandrite lasers and ND and LP ND Yag lasers. All kinds of lasers have been tested and the results have shown them all to be safe and worthwhile. Although all are suitable, lasers with long pulses are highly recommended because they allow the follicles to cool down, which prevent laser hair removal from causing discomfort.

A consultation for laser hair removal will be the best way to understand the benefits of each laser and what will be the most worthwhile for you. Visit to learn more about this and other services.

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