Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy: Pet Clinic in Honolulu

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Animal Health

Bringing home a new pet is exciting. Whether it is a new puppy or kitten, or an older rescue, adding a new pet to the family brings added responsibility. Pets need regular health and dental care to live long, active, and happy lives. Even before you send out the new pet announcements, you should make an appointment at a Pet Clinic in Honolulu.

Regular Care

Regular care is important to your pet’s health. All pets should have annual appointments and vaccinations, including a rabies shot. If your pet is going to be spending time around other pets at daycare, boarding facilities or the dog park, you will want to enquire about extra vaccinations to prevent transference of diseases like kennel cough.


During your annual visit, you will want to discuss any concerns and review diet, exercise, pest control and dental care.

Regular care at a Pet Clinic in Honolulu can help catch health concerns before they grow into conditions that require advanced care.

Dental Care

Dental care is an important component to your pet’s health plan. Even young pets should receive dental checkups to ensure that their teeth are developing properly. Older pets may need more advanced dental care and cleanings.


Socialization is an important factor in creating a well-rounded and socially stable pet. Puppies that attend early socialization classes receive much needed interaction with both other dogs and people. Non-socialized puppies can grow into adult dogs that are aggressive towards people and other animals.

Advanced Care

Sometimes even with your best efforts, your pet may require advanced care. Knowing you have an experienced Pet Clinic in Honolulu to turn to can reduce the stress you feel when your pet is sick or injured. Having access to trusted veterinarians who already know your pet and his or her medical history can help your pet receive quick and efficient care.

Setting up regularly scheduled care at a Pet Clinic in Honolulu will give your pet the best start to a long and happy life. Combined with the guidance an experienced veterinarian can give you, you will have an unbeatable team to keep your pet on the road to wellness.

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