Is Massage Therapy In Hurst Texas More Than A Touch Of Decadence?

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Chiropractic

Dictionaries define the verb to massage as – the relief of bodily pain and tension by kneading affected muscles and joints with the hands. This might be somewhat broad based but it does cut to the essence even if it does not cover areas like reflexology where pressure points in the foot are stimulated to bring comfort and relief to another part of the body. Nor, for that matter; is it specific to chiropractic where significant points in the spinal cord are manipulated to allow a better flow of signals through the central nervous system. What is definitely excluded from this dictionary meaning is the whole concept of erotic massage which has, for a long time, given the work description “masseuse” somewhat dubious overtones.

The art or science of therapeutic massage goes back to extremely ancient times; the tomb of Akmanthor (the Physician) in Saqqara, Egypt dates from 2,330 BC and contains drawings depicting what appears to be men receiving foot and hand massage. Massage techniques developed throughout Asia but, it was not until around 1776 AD that French missionaries in China translated ancient massage texts and brought the techniques back to Europe. Coincidentally, the Swede Pehr Henrik Ling (the so-called “Father of Massage”), was born in that same year. Ling has been incorrectly credited with “inventing” “Classic (or Swedish) Massage”

For Serious Therapeutic Massage In Hurst; Try Visiting A Lifetime Family Wellness Center

The negative connotations that might arise from visiting a massage parlor can still be felt; even though, today, Massage Therapy In Hurst is seen as being not only perfectly respectable; but, also meritorious for one’s health. The massage could well be the same at both establishments but many would prefer to say that they are visiting a Lifetime Family Wellness Center.

What Else Can You Expect From A Lifetime Family Wellness Center?

Your local wellness center for Massage Therapy at Hurst can do much more than just relieve those overworked muscles and drive the tension out of your body. These places usually adopt a holistic approach to the human body and provide many other health and wellness improvement services.

The very description – “Lifetime Family Wellness Center” implies a cradle to the grave approach. Their services usually cover such specialties as diet and nourishment advice; spinal manipulation; prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care; as well as treatments for ailments commonly brought on over the years due to aging, etc.

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