Is a Naltrexone Doctor in Broward County a Good Solution for You?

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Healthcare

The pharmaceutical compound known as naltrexone is one that is used by physicians who are part of a MAT or medication-assisted treatment program for people struggling with alcohol and opioid disorders. It has full Food and Drug Administration approval and can be swallowed in pill form or injected. If you are looking for a naltrexone doctor in Broward County, however, you should know a few things before you begin.

A naltrexone doctor in Broward County is someone who is a licensed health care provider able to prescribe any other kind of medication, but not every doctor is the ideal provider of this treatment. This is because incredibly difficult conditions can occur if you have yet to abstain from opioids and opioid medications when you begin using naltrexone, and it is best if you are under the care of a rehab expert. This is true whether you are attempting to transition away from illegal substances or even prescription compounds such as methadone.

The way it works is to block the effects of such drugs as morphine, heroin, and others, and because it reduces opioid cravings, it has no risk of abuse. Even more appealing is that when you work with a naltrexone doctor in Broward County, should you suffer a relapse, it is unlikely that the problem drugs you may use during relapse will have any effect. However, you must also understand that there are health risks involved in the use of any alcohol, sedatives, opioids or other drugs when taking naltrexone.

All of this is the reason that you will need to be in a MAT when you work with your naltrexone doctor in Broward County. Not only can then supply you with this powerful resource in overcoming addiction, but they are also likely to provide you with the kind of ongoing counseling and support essential maintaining sobriety.

Keep in mind that many people experience a sharp reduction in tolerance to opioids once they have attained sobriety using the support of naltrexone. Should they relapse in the post-treatment phase, they are at grave risk of taking life-threatening dosages.

It is best to pair your use of naltrexone with a comprehensive plan for detox, rehab and ongoing support. This is an ideal plan for success, and ensures that your safety and well being are maintained throughout the entire process.

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