Intensive Alternatives for Treating Your Severe Symptoms of Depression

Psychological counseling and prescription medications often are enough to treat mild to moderate cases of depression. However, when you suffer from a severe depressive disorder, you could need more intensive medical treatment that goes beyond what regular programs offer. Rather than subject yourself to electric shock treatment, you could get your severe symptoms under control with injected or infused medication. By seeking help at one of the local ketamine depression infusion centers, Chicago patients like you could soon begin to experience relief and once again feel like yourself.

Candidacy for Treatment

When it comes to getting treatment at one of the area’s ketamine depression infusion centers in Chicago clients like you will be required to meet several important criteria. Primarily, you cannot have any health condition that would impede the absorption of the ketamine into your system. If you have a medical condition such as heart disease or diabetes, you could be ruled out as a candidate for this treatment. You generally need to be free of any serious underlying health issues before you can be approved for this level of care. The program directors may require you to undergo a thorough physical examination before you are approved for the treatments. This exam will ensure that you will receive all of the benefits of the infusions.

Inpatient Care

When you opt for this level of care, you also may need to check yourself into the treatment facility for several days. The inpatient stay will allow you to be monitored by nurses and doctors. They will ensure that you are responding positively to the medication and that your depression is not getting worse.

Ketamine infusions are available only for patients with severe depression. This treatment can be more effective than counseling and prescription medication use. It can put even the most severe depression symptoms into immediate remission.

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