Infertility in Chicago IL: Learn How a Surgical Center Can Offer A Solution

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Health

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, about 6 percent of married women between the ages of 15 to 44, struggle with infertility. Although age plays a big factor when it comes to infertility, sometimes conditions affecting the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes are to blame. To determine this, a doctor might refer his patient to a surgical center for further examination or treatment. There are various benefits to being treated at a surgical center instead of a hospital. Knowing these benefits can help set your mind at ease.

Personalized Care

If you’re dealing with Infertility in Chicago IL, your doctor might refer you to a surgical facility, such as Grand Avenue Surgical Center. One of the greatest benefits of treatment at a surgical center is that you get more personalized care compared to a large hospital with many patients. The doctors and nurses are able to spend more time with the patients, and pay more attention to them. Generally, this setting is also less stressful.

Quick Service

You will also find that treatment at a surgical center for Infertility in Chicago IL is quick, because there are no overnight stays at the facility. All procedures that are done require about two to three hours to be completed. Patients come in for their appointment, receive same-day treatment, and leave shortly afterward.


A surgical center offers a wide range of services. Infertility services, for instance, include a hysterosalpingogram, which is an X-ray test that examines the fallopian tubes and the uterus. Egg collection for in vitro fertilization is also possible at the surgical center. For an example of the various other services offered at surgical centers in Chicago, Visit Website of the Grand Avenue Surgical Center.

Cost and Insurance

The services in a surgical center are generally cost-effective, and because there are no overnight stays involved, they’re more affordable than hospital services. Also, surgical centers accept many insurance plans, so make sure to inquire whether they accept yours.


Rather than dealing with infertility treatment in a large hospital with many doctors, seek treatment at a surgical center. Not only will you get treated by qualified physicians and nurses, you will get more personal care without getting a high bill, or being exposed to severely ill patients.

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