How to Know When You Should Consult a Doctor About Hip Pain

The hips are one of the most used parts of the body that suffers a lot of wear and tear over time. One of the largest joints in the body, the hip joints were meant to endure a lot of motion as a person moves around. Eventually, a person may suffer from pain when the tendons, cartilage, and muscles in the hip become over-used or injured. When it comes to hip pain, there are various levels that a person may experience depending on the type of damage the joint has sustained. Some people suffer acute pain that can occur unexpectedly from physical exertion. While other individuals may develop chronic pain over time that would require a doctor to help them find hip pain relief in Arlington, TX.

Different Levels of Discomfort

  • Minor pain in the hip that occurs sporadically and causes a little discomfort can be managed by over-the-counter medication.
  • With more intermittently discomfort that can be persistent with movement, you should consult a doctor. They may recommend OTC remedies to control the pain or prescribe a stronger medication to reduce inflammation and the discomfort.
  • Sporadic pain in the hip that affects how fluidly you can move requires the attention of a doctor and can be treated with steroid injections.
  • A doctor that specializes in hip pain relief in Arlington, TX should be consulted if the discomfort never stops and prevents your ability to remain active. In addition to noticing the area around the joint is swollen and redness appears is a sure sign of a problem that may require surgery to repair the issue.
  • Bleeding and cracking noises that occur with pain, you should immediately see a physician whether in their office or an emergency room.

Learn How to Manage Your Pain Today

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