How to Diagnose and Receive Tennis Elbow Pain Treatment in Florida

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Health & Fitness

Tennis elbow pain is an overuse injury that causes muscle strain. You can, unfortunately, develop tennis elbow even if you don’t play tennis. Painting, repetitive computer use, and even chopping up cooking ingredients can lead to tennis elbow. If you believe you need tennis elbow treatment in Florida, you may wonder exactly what is involved in diagnosis and what the treatment options are.

What You Need to Know About Tennis Elbow Pain

The symptoms of tennis elbow pain typically start at the outer point of your elbow and move through your wrist and forearm. In addition to pain, you may suffer from muscle weakness that makes gripping an object and turning doorknobs challenging. Adults are most prone to tennis elbow pain, and anyone who works in an industry that requires repetitive motion of the arm and wrist – such as plumbers and painters – are all at an increased risk of developing the condition.

Your healthcare provider may want to perform imaging tests before diagnosing you with tennis elbow pain to rule out other conditions. Otherwise, taking a medical history and performing a physical exam is enough to make the diagnosis.

Physical therapy can help ease the pain of tennis elbow. Additional tennis elbow pain treatments in Florida include injections of platelet-rich plasma and acoustic sound-wave therapy. While undergoing treatment, you can speed the healing process by avoiding activities that aggravate the elbow, take over the counter pain medication, and ice the area several times a day.

If you are experiencing elbow pain, get in touch with Regenerative Medicine of Space Coast at for a diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan.

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