How the Gastric Band Works for Patients in Louisiana

by | May 28, 2013 | Health

A patient whose weight is at least 20 percent over their ideal weight may be classified as obese, and may be a candidate for Gastric Band Louisiana surgery, more commonly called the Lap-Band. This is a laparoscopic surgery. The Lap-Band consists of a silicone ring with a balloon on the inside of the ring. This device is adjustable and it’s placed around the upper portion of the stomach, just below the esophagus. The ring and balloon connect to an access port.

Most of the stomach is below the band. The doctor can insert saline into the port, which goes to the balloon, and fills it, which tightens the Lap-Band around the upper stomach. Each patient has their own ideal so-called adjustment diameter. This makes the patient get the sensation of feeling full, which many patients don’t normally feel without the band, so the band gives them that full signal. Patients find that they don’t think about food all day long any more except when they are legitimately hungry.

There is a misconception that many patients have about the Gastric Band Louisiana, which is that it’s good to tighten the band as much as possible. The Lap-Band can be adjusted, but if the band is too tight, it makes the patient regurgitate and develop heartburn, but in fact if the band is too tight, the patient doesn’t actually lose weight. If the band is too tight, it’s no different than if the patient had the old stomach stapling surgery.

If the band is too tight, the patient doesn’t get enough food. As a result, the patient may resort to fatty milkshakes and other high-calorie foods in a mushy consistency as they chase down that elusive signal that tells them they’re full. The patient can’t eat enough at one meal to feel and stay full, so they end up overeating when the band is too tight. To lose weight and be healthy, you have to be able to eat off the low-carbohydrate menu the doctor prescribes, which includes protein and vegetables, in addition to working on an exercise program. You have to eat, but just eat correctly, in a healthy way.



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