How Stem Cell Injection Therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ Restores Knee Joints

It can be difficult living with arthritis, especially if it reduces your mobility when knee, ankle, and hip joints are stiff and sore, especially in the mornings. Arthritic pain can be tough to overcome as well as it can sometimes be debilitating for people. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can help relieve pain and rejuvenate arthritic joints.

Stem Cell Injections

Many people who have arthritis in the knees have limited options for treatment and the treatments only provide temporary relief of pain and stiffness. Cortisone injections, oral anti-inflammatories, and knee replacement surgeries are among some of the options that people with osteoarthritis in the knees have. However, stem cell injection therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ can help regenerate tissues within the knees. These injections may also help people with tendonitis of the rotator cuffs, Achilles tendonitis, and degenerative arthritis.

The cells used for stem cell injection therapy come from your own body. These cells have anti-inflammatory properties and work to help the body repair itself. Instead of only providing temporary relief from pain, stem cells repair degenerative tissues so pain will no longer be an issue and joint tissues will be regenerated.

Non-Controversial Stem Cells

There has been much debate over the use of stem cells but debates surrounding them are referring to embryonic stem cells, not the amniotic stem cells that all people have in their bodies. By using the body’s own stem cells, there is less chance of rejection and joints can be rejuvenated so you can have a more active lifestyle. If you have any questions about stem cell therapy, visit

Stem cell injection therapy is less invasive than surgery and there is minimal downtime. The procedure is done in the doctor’s clinic with the cells being removed and injected on the same day to begin the process of regenerating joint tissues.

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