How Elderly Care Works in Assisted Living Facilities Find One in Asheville, NC

When most people think of elderly care in Asheville, NC, they think of someone coming to a senior citizen’s home and caring for them, either a particular amount of hours a day or living with them indefinitely. While this is an option, many residents in Asheville, NC find that they can’t afford it for extended periods. However, if your loved one moves to an assisted living facility, they get the care they need and can still live independently.

Fewer Rules/Schedules

The biggest issue most people face as they get older is that they’re used to doing things a particular way. They don’t want to be on a tight schedule or have to follow rules. An assisted living facility is much different than a nursing or retirement home because they have the freedom to eat when they want, get dressed when and if they want, and more. While they do have schedules for medications, your loved one should be taking prescribed medicines on the right schedule anyway.

Along with such, they can choose to cook for themselves if they’re able or can go to a restaurant-style cafeteria, which usually has longer hours of operation.

Insurance/Medicare Coverage

Many times, Medicare and insurance won’t cover in-home care because it can be too costly for them, especially if they need full-time care or need it for long periods. However, Medicare is known for covering nursing homes, and many Assisted Living Facilities in Asheville, NC, and your loved one’s private insurance is also likely to help. Therefore, it can be more cost-effective to move to an ALF instead of choosing in-home care.

Elderly care can take on many forms and includes whatever your loved one needs to be comfortable and safe. Visit Silverbell Homestead to learn more about their locations.

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