How Anyone in the US Can Relieve the Itching Caused by Shingles

People who have been exposed to the varicella-zoster virus are at a risk of developing shingles later in life. While the virus is responsible for causing an outbreak of chickenpox, it remains in your system long after that condition has been successfully treated. If you do experience an outbreak, which can involve skin redness and blisters, you can use a topical lotion for shingles itching relief. Additionally, these practices can also help reduce the symptoms.

Stay Cool

When you bathe or shower, try to keep the water cool to lukewarm. Warm or hot water will cause inflammation to worsen, which will result in more severe pain and itching. You can also apply a cold pack or ice wrapped in a clean towel to the affected areas. The cool temperatures will help reduce swelling, itching, and skin irritation.

Treat Your Skin

There are many ways you can help return moisture and health to your skin after you have been affected by shingles. One option is to try a colloidal oatmeal bath in lukewarm water. After getting out of the bath, pat yourself dry with a soft towel. You can also apply a calamine lotion to the affected area for relief of itching and inflammation.

Take an Antihistamine

You can achieve shingles itching relief by taking an antihistamine, and this can be taken orally or topically. This will help reduce the swelling and inflammation. As a result, your skin will feel less irritated, and you’ll experience less itching.

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