Help for People Dealing With Neck Pain in Manhattan KS

Neck pain can be caused by many different reasons. When a person is experiencing neck pain, it can cause them to be unable to focus on their job or even enjoy life as they normally would. Often, neck pain is the result of stress or improper posture while sitting. Neck pain can also be caused by injuries. Instead of relying on pain medications for relief, there is a natural treatment that can immediately stop the pain and help a person regain their proper neck movement. When dealing with Neck Pain Manhattan KS, it behooves a person to seek chiropractic care right away.

If a person is experiencing neck pain after they have been involved in a car accident, it is most likely stemming from whiplash. Whiplash is a painful condition that results when the head is violently tossed forward and immediately back. This type of injury generally occurs when one is hit from behind in a car accident. The treatment for this condition is to make sure the bones of the neck are properly aligned. Once aligned, a neck brace can be worn and the soft tissues can begin to heal.

Subluxations can occur in the cervical spine and cause pain in the neck, shoulders and head. Subluxations cause nerve compression and can lead to permanent nerve damage if they are not properly treated in a timely manner. When the nerves of the neck are compressed, this can lead to the inability to turn the neck and can cause headaches that become chronic in nature.

A spinal adjustment can relieve neck pain in Manhattan, KS. Many people feel immediate pain relief after only one treatment. To ensure the spine remains in good health and the pain does not continue, the chiropractor will have the patient come in on a regular basis for adjustments. Once the soft tissues heal, maintenance appointments can be carried out once a month.

Those who have been dealing with painful neck conditions may be able to find relief through a chiropractor. Contact the Center For Manual Medicine and allow them to schedule you an appointment so you can get started on finding true relief from your pain.

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