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by | Aug 18, 2014 | Health & Fitness

Your Source for the Best Electronic Medical Records

You already know that most patients’ information is stored in electronic medical records, or will be very soon. If you’re looking for the right software partner to help you make the switch, search no further than Healthtec Software, Inc. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

Healthcare is constantly changing by leaps and bounds. While many of these advances have to do with medical procedures, diagnostic tools and better condition management and prevention, the job of record keeping is also a changing landscape. What used to be written on paper and kept in a drawer is now typed into a database, and has the potential to be shared with every professional in an office, as well as with wholly different facilities in different parts of the world. The hope is that this access to an individual’s information will make the provision of care more accurate and timely, no matter where a patient might be.

The Superior Healthtec System

One of the most important aspects of the Healthtec Software electronic medical records products is that it’s designed to keep your day to day operations moving along swiftly. We recognize that you have numerous important meetings every day, and often those meetings are of an urgent nature. The last thing you need is for your records to slow you down. With the goal of helping to provide quick, accurate service for your patients, our electronic medical records use an interface that mimics the real-world workflow.

Your Healthtec system will easily adapt to your particular style, and evolve with your practice over time. As needs and requirements change, your electronic medical records will keep pace with the industry.

More from Healthtec Software, Inc.

In addition to the software needed to keep your electronic medical records in tip top shape, Healthtec offers training, claim services, ID card scanning solutions, patient statements and integrated credit card processing and A/R management.

In all that we do and create, we work hard to provide genuinely caring services for our clients, who can then in turn provide more complete health care to their patients. Integrity and responsibility are always our utmost priorities.

Contact Healthtec Today

Please feel free to get in touch via phone, fax, email or the contact form on our website’s contact page. Our staff will always take the time to discuss your particular needs, and provide the electronic medical records system that works for you.

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