Health Benefits of Getting a Pedicure

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Beauty

We’ve heard the rumors about the cesspools of germs and unsanitary tools. If you can’t afford a quality pedicure from a local salon there are ways to do an at-home pedicure. However, regardless of how you get a pedicure, they hold many health advantages.

Daily Self-Care
As part of self-care, pedicures can prevent disease and illness and improve longevity and quality of life by lowering blood pressure, lowering heart rate, and improving cognitive skills. According to the Journal of Psychology, pedicures activate the parasympathetic nervous system which places our bodies into rest mode. In rest mode, we give ourselves a breather, a chance to decompress from our hectic daily lives. While we get our toes pretty with nail art, we are building our defense against viruses and illness. It’s also been proven that the more relaxed you are, the better you are able to cope with daily city demands.

The Meditative Pedicure
Do you need to escape? The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio states that 74 percent to 90 percent of all doctor’s visits are for complaints that are related to stress. Stress plays a huge role in high blood pressure, depression, headaches, anxiety, and skin conditions. If you’ve been feeling out of alignment pedicures can help bring you back to a natural and calm state.

If we are to achieve a quality life we need to be grounded. In order recharge and refocus you need time away from distractions and stimuli. Your pedicure appointment gives you that chance, that escape from your tasks and deadlines. Salons and spas are basically mental healing institutions. The warm toe bath and face towels should give you the headspace to stop, breathe, relax, and reboot.

Goodbye Pain and Fungus
Not only does it boost your immune system, but they can prevent toenail infection, ingrown toenails, foot odor, and nail disorders. Regular cleansing and trimming deters those nasty fungal organisms and keeps your feet looking beautiful. The warm water you soak your feet in also improves the blood circulation in that area which in turn reduces pain, stiffness, and other soreness you may be experiencing.

Despite rumors and salon horror stories, most pedicure salons uphold good nail care. Pedicures give a range of health benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. Don’t be afraid to pamper. If you are stressed or your feet really hurt, you should stop by. Our pedicures in Delray Beach are will make you feel wonderful. We even won the 2011 best hair salon in Delray Beach title. Start taking care of yourself today.

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