Healing the Body Through More Natural Healing Methods in Del Mar

Over time, the body’s healing capabilities become compromised. We age as we get older. And we also accumulate injuries and illnesses throughout the years. But the process of aging can be addressed. Consider Integrative Medicine in Del Mar, CA.

Healing Trough Regenerative Medicine

While naturopathic doctors are familiar with, for instance, homeopathy, they are also familiar with conventional medicine. Thus, they work with exosome therapy, prolotherapy, and even PRP. Whether you are dealing with a chronic condition, like arthritis, or skin conditions, you can be helped. Look into Integrative Medicine in Del Mar, CA.

Getting PRP

If you are dealing with tendinitis or skin damage, you can get PRP therapy. PRP involves the utilization of platelets. So a doctor would utilize samples of your own blood. The blood, after going through a procedure, would be introduced to your body through an injection. The treatment would cause swelling and mild discomfort. This can last a few days. But over time, the treated areas would start to heal. PRP is also known for its rejuvenating effects. It can reduce wrinkles. There is also exosome therapy.


This form of therapy offers the same benefits as PRP. However, it does not utilize blood. Instead, it utilizes a sugar-like substance. This substance is also injected into affected areas. This form of treatment is less intense. And a patient can be treated more often with Prolotherapy. This does not apply to PRP. prolotherapy can be utilized in conjunction with microneedling. If you would like to learn more, contact The Wellness Club at Tulsi.

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