Having an Abortion Using the Chicago Abortion Pill

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Health

Deciding whether or not to take the Chicago Abortion Pill or have a surgical one is not always an easy decision to make. There are a number of factors that can be involved in your decision to end your pregnancy such as:

You are too young

You are attending college

You became pregnant while on the pill

You found out your unborn child has birth defects and their quality of life will be diminished

Or the worst possible scenario; you were raped

The Chicago Abortion Pill is the safest most effective way for a woman to do a self induced abortion up to her 12th week of pregnancy. After taking this pill, it causes your uterus to begin contracting, which then causes the body to expel the fetus. There are some risks and side effects associated with this form of abortion. The biggest risk is that the medication does not work. If that happens, seek medical help. Some of the side effects include heavy bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. If your bleeding becomes too severe, you will also need to be seen by a health-care professional who will treat you for a miscarriage.

Before taking the Chicago Abortion Pill, be sure that you are pregnant, either by urine test, blood test, or ultrasound. An ultrasound is very important to determine how far along your pregnancy is, and to ensure it is not an ectopic pregnancy. If you are more than 12 weeks along, it is not recommended to take the pill without medical guidance. The farther along in pregnancy, the greater the risk for complications like intense pain or extreme bleeding. Do not take the Chicago Abortion Pill if the pregnancy is in your Fallopian tubes, this needs to be done surgically by a doctor so your Fallopian tube does not rupture. Having an IUD increases your risk for an ectopic pregnancy, and you should not use the abortion pill on your own. If you are going to use the abortion pill to expel the fetus, it is important to have a trusted person with you in case of complications.


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