Guide to Skin Surgery in Lehigh Valley PA

Dermatologists are medical doctors who are specially trained to treat medical conditions related to one’s skin, hair, and nails. Frequently that treatment involves surgical procedures. When Pennsylvania residents need skin surgery in Lehigh Valley PA, they seek the care of a qualified dermatologist. Read on to learn more about skin surgery and tips for finding a qualified dermatologist.

What is Skin Surgery?

Skin surgery are procedures performed in a dermatology practice that range from minimally invasive to surgical procedures that improve the skin’s health, function, and appearance. Typically when someone hears the word surgery, they think of procedures with an incision and stitches. Treatments like this are undoubtedly commonplace with dermatological issues such as skin cancer removals, but they are not the only possibilities. In addition to excisions, dermatologists can perform biopsies, botox injections, laser procedures, and scar revisions.

Looking at Qualifications

Anytime a patient requires surgery of any type they should spend some time researching the doctors in their area to seek treatment from a highly qualified physician. Skin surgery is no exception. Often a patient is limited by doctors who are in-network for their particular insurance. Contact the applicable insurance company to ensure that prospective dermatologists will be covered. Read about former client experiences and patient satisfaction. Verify that any medical professional being considered is a member in good standing of the American Board of Dermatology or other prestigious equivalent professional organizations and that they have adequate experience and training in the specific procedure the patient is having.

Pre-Surgical Appointment Considerations

Reputable offices will not schedule a patient for surgery without first evaluating that patient themselves. It is essential for a physician to have adequate time to go over the risks and alternative treatments available to a patient so they can make an informed decision. Use this appointment to see how comfortable the patient is with the dermatologist who will be performing the surgery. If the patient has concerns that are not adequately addressed by the surgeon, look to see a different surgeon. Having a qualified doctor who sets the patient at ease is of critical importance. For more information about Skin Surgery in Lehigh Valley PA or to schedule an appointment, contact the Office of Kirit Kothari MD.

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