Good Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Intralase Lasik in Honolulu

Clear, reliable vision is always a valuable asset, and there are now effective, appealing ways of overcoming many related problems. For quite a few years, a semi-invasive, laser-based procedure called “Lasik” has been providing relief to Honolulu residents who suffer from any of a range of vision-degrading conditions.

A newer, more advanced option known as “Intralase Lasik” brings some advantages to the table compared to its predecessor. Making an appointment to ask about Intralase Lasik in Honolulu can prove to be the first major step toward the clearer vision.

The Critical Role Played by the Cornea

The cornea of the eye is responsible for gathering and refracting visible light so that it can be further focused by the lens beneath it. Unlike the lens, the cornea’s shape is generally fixed and unalterable, meaning that its focal point does not typically vary much at all under normal conditions.

To serve its purpose effectively, the cornea must maintain a suitable geometry. Whether because of aging or the development of ocular diseases, the cornea can become misshapen and less capable of performing its important duties.

When it first became available nearly thirty years ago, the Lasik surgical procedure opened up a new way of restoring the shape of deformed corneas. After making a relatively small incision with a special blade-like implement, surgeons would use a laser to adjust the contours of patients’ corneas.

A Better, Less Invasive Way to Reshape the Cornea

While the original version of Lasik has produced results and relief over the years for many residents of Hawaii, a newer alternative is now frequently the preferred choice. The popularity of Intralase Lasik in Honolulu owes to some factors that are made clear to patients at locations like the Hawaii Vision Clinic on a regular basis.

The most important difference between Intralase Lasik and the original procedure is that the former does away with the blade. By using a laser that has been more carefully designed and tuned, surgeons can alter the shape of the cornea without making an incision at all. That makes the evolved procedure even safer than the original, with less in the way of recovery to be expected, as well.

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