Getting an MRI When You’re a “Big and Tall” Type

People who are obese often suffer from humiliation and embarrassment due to societal standards, as well as in specific situations when their size presents other kinds of problems. People who are forced to buy more than one seat for themselves on airlines, for instance, experience both humiliation and embarrassment.

This can be significantly troublesome when diagnostic medical procedures are precluded due to being overweight. Not long ago, a 5’7” woman in Kansas City found that she was not able to be diagnosed in regard to a tumor on her spine because she was too heavy for the MRI machine and could not fit into its narrow confines.

If you are in the Winter Park area and in need of an MRI, there are facilities with open MRI machines that can accommodate larger people, as well as those suffering from claustrophobia. A Winter Park open MRI does not involve being slid into a narrow space, and usually can accommodate those who suffer from obesity, as well as those who are claustrophobic.

Unfortunately for the Kansas City woman, the technicians at University of Kansas Hospital were not given the option of an open MRI machine. Instead, the technicians suggested that she visit the Kansas City Zoo and use one of the veterinary machines there that are available for the animals on site. Her humiliation was magnified by this negative experience by the suggestion that she go to the zoo and be with the animals

It isn’t necessary to treat patients like beasts or to send them to the zoo for diagnosis. A Winter Park MRI facility will accommodate those who are obese with an open MRI machine, as well as those suffering from a fear of closed spaces, children who are afraid, and others who are uncomfortable with the narrower machines. An open MRI has a flare mouth that allows for more space and bigger patients, and usually the sides are cut out so that a patient does not feel as though he or she is being slid into the belly of a whale. Open sides provide a psychological feeling of being able to breathe better, as well as less isolation since patients can see and make eye contact with those around them. They also provide more space for people who are obese, which is an added benefit.

The Kansas City woman did not go to the zoo, but ultimately, received treatment for her tumor elsewhere. She still reportedly regards the suggestion that she go to the zoo because she is obese as not only an insult, but one of the most horrifying experiences of her entire medical treatment experience. In Winter Park, MRI is available for numerous kinds of patients who have differing challenges to contend with.

Contact your Winter Park MRI group to learn more about the benefits of open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Visit Open MRI of Orlando – Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Center Florida or call 407-749-8848 for answers to your questions about MRI or to schedule an appointment.

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