Get More with an Eye Exam than Prescription Sunglasses in Colorado Springs, CO

Going to see your optometrist can sound just as exciting as making an appointment to see your dentist. But just like seeing your dentist, it is necessary. Did you know that if you wear glasses or contacts on a regular basis then you need to get your vision checked on a regular basis? Did you know that seeing your eye doctor can help you with medical conditions that go beyond just the surface of the eye? Your optician can also see signs of other medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes with a simple eye exam in Colorado Springs, CO.

If you are in need of prescription sunglasses, that is another reason to make sure you keep your annual eye exams in Colorado Springs, CO to give your eyes the best protection possible. Let’s be specific here as there is a big difference between seeing your optician, optometrist, or your ophthalmologist. Yes, all of these are specialized in the eye care industry but after seeing your optician you may be directed to a specialist depending on what the eye exam results are. Think of your optician as a general practitioner doctor and the others are specialists in their field. An ophthalmologist has training and experience in medicine and surgery pertaining to your eyes, vision, and medical conditions. An optometrist is trained in specifying eye conditions without medicinal attributes while an optician is skilled in helping patients with fittings for eyeglasses and corrective lenses.

In other words, a person struggling with vision should not worry about making a standard appointment to see their optician. Chances are, if you need prescription sunglasses in Colorado Springs, CO simply make an appointment with your general eye doctor. If your general optician recommends that you see a specialist, then heed that recommendation. Any medical condition that can be detected from an eye exam can most likely be controlled if caught early.

There are many reasons to see your optician besides getting the most up-to-date prescription sunglasses in Colorado Springs, CO, but it is a nice perk. Schedule an appointment with Archdale Eyecare to request more information or visit our website today to determine what type of care is needed for your eye health.

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