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by | Dec 2, 2015 | Health

There are many aspects to a human life and each of these needs to be in perfect working order for us to feel completely healthy. Our mental and physical beings have to be completely balanced and in tune with our emotional and spiritual selves. When there is imbalance in any of these it affects the health and function of all the others, though it may often be hard to identify the true cause. Get help from a wellness coach in Seattle area, a discipline that incorporates holistic healing and looks at every one of these aspects in order to help the patient heal.

When you opt for traditional treatment it is often the mind or the body, but never a comprehensive approach to all. This is where a wellness coach helps for patients often find it hard to ascertain what is causing their condition to worsen, or what the condition really is. Once they help determine the real problem and its real causes, they refer patients to see a doctor or psychiatrists if needs be. More often than not, patients do not need the help of any other specialist because the foundation for holistic healing has already been laid.

A wellness coach in Seattle will look at every aspect of the patient’s life, from what they eat to how much they sleep or how well, and even the quality of food they eat. To this they add details like stress from work, family, or relationships all of which have a combined effect on the overall wellness of one’s being. When you work with an experienced coach, he or she will combine techniques like TCM and NET into the sessions that will go deep into the root of the problem to eliminate it. This in turn helps one understand their own shortcomings, internal resistances and the plateaus they can reached so that they gain momentum to overcome these and reach their goals faster.

Transformational coaching methods or TCM looks at problems by applying positive psychology and helps one understand where and why one is stuck. To this is blended the discipline of Neuro Emotional Technique or NET which restores musculoskeletal and neurological balance, similar to chiropractic therapy. At times, they also add Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP which helps in understanding the gap between mind, body and language. Together, these form the basis of a wellness therapy and in providing a comprehensive healing platform for the patient.

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