Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Pain In St Louis

In Missouri, patients suffer through the effects of neck pain and the initial injury that caused it. These injuries could be associated with car accidents, falls, or other unfortunate events. The following are frequently asked questions about Neck Pain in St Louis.

What are Some Strategies that are Used to Treat this Condition?

Massage and spinal adjustments are used to relieve tension and strain in the neck. It also forces pressure away from the neck. In these cases, it is not always the neck that is the origin of pain. The patient could become involved an accident and injure their back. This injury could drive pressure up the neck. It could also cause headaches.

Is Physical Therapy Recommended During Treatment?

In some cases, physical therapy is highly recommended for neck pain and related injuries. The clinician provides them with exercise techniques to complete their therapy. This presents them with opportunities to follow small steps and recover without additional damage. The clinician provides the exact care plan associated with this form of therapy and helps the patient navigate through it.

What Additional Conditions Could Develop Due to Neck Pain?

The patient could develop migraine headaches that become debilitating. This could prevent them from participating in any activities they once enjoyed. They could suffer through attempts to complete their daily routine. The condition could become so severe that they may need to be hospitalized.

Does the Chiropractor Prescribe Medication to Relieve Pain?

Chiropractors don’t prescribe medications. They may offer supplements and vitamins to initiate the natural healing process, but they do not provide painkillers or antibiotics. They take a holistic approach to treating pain and common injuries. Their strategies for treating these conditions are to find ways to stimulate natural hormones to fight pain.

In Missouri, patients that experience back pain need help finding the exact source. This is where a chiropractor steps in. They evaluate the patient through a series of tests. These tests provide them with information about the cause of their pain and the best way to treat it. Patients who need help with Neck Pain in St Louis Contact Back And Neck Care Center today.

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