Five benefits of cod liver oil

Cod liver oils are oil made from livers of codfish. There is a long list of benefits of Cod liver oil. Though directly eating the liver of a codfish may not be attractive to your child, offer its liquid or capsule form. With its health-boosting benefits, this type of supplement is very promising.

1. Lowers the risk of Type 1 diabetes

Diabetes Types 1 usually occurs in children as it is an autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, the cause is yet to be known and discovered. A study shows that giving cod liver oil to a child especially in his first year of life reduces the risk of getting this lifelong condition. This benefit can be due to its high Vitamin D content.

2. Prevents Rickets

Rickets is a bone disorder where it becomes weak or deformed. This condition is caused by lack of vitamin D in the body. Since cod liver oil has a high volume of Vitamin D, it is expected that it prevents this disease from developing.

3. Prevent infection

Because of its high vitamin D content, the cod liver oil helps strengthens the immune system which prevents one from getting sick all the time. This would mean a lesser trip to the doctor.

4. Maintains good eyesight

Cod liver oil is rich in both vitamins A and D which are essential in keeping good sight. It is also an antioxidant and glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition where a person’s optic nerve is damaged which leads to vision loss or blindness. The high amount of omega-3 fatty acid improves the flow of blood to the eyes.

5. Reduces depression

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce depressive symptoms. It enhances the mood and brain function on a depressed person. With its high omega-3 fatty acid content, cod liver oil is highly recommended to lower down, and prevent depressive tendencies.

With all its benefits, the challenge may be in letting your child take the cod liver oil. Find one that has flavor your child would want. Better yet, show your kids or take it with them. Cod liver oil capsule is not only beneficial for kids, but it’s also beneficial for everyone of any age.

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