Finding The Right Animal Hospital In Leawood KS For Your Special Friends

Few things add value to our daily lives quite like our family pets. Far more than ‘just a dog’ or ‘only a cat’, having a pet in the household adds to the overall sense of peace and security of many a family. Your dog is your best friend, the most understanding soul you have the privilege of knowing. Other pets too, such as cats and a wide range of small mammals bring a level of enjoyment to our lives that can not be expressed in words. In return for their unwavering love, we as their guardians must ensure the very best of care throughout their lives. Far more than just food, water shelter and love, this promise also requires a solid partnership with a veterinarian for both preventative care and in times of trouble.

Big or small, young or old, each and every pet in our lives deserves quality care. Much like our own physicians, the Best Animal hospital in Leawood KS families rely on for the care of their animal friends includes things traditionally seen in a human facility: x-ray machines, laboratory devices for testing and even dental equipment are common sights. Without these, the old adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ applies to our four-legged family members as well. Facilities such as Cherokee Animal Clinic offer a lifetime of care for your best friend. Should the unthinkable happen, having a working relationship with your veterinarian helps streamline critical care as well, by having records on hand.

Spending just a few minutes at will prove the commitment to lifelong care is the cornerstone of all they offer. Beyond simple vaccinations and checkups, you can trust Doctors Kontras, Stenstrom and Starr to provide world-class surgical, dental and even oncology care at their Animal hospital Leawood KS is serviced by. The staff at Cherokee also offers cutting edge care such as laser therapy for chronic conditions and acupuncture, helping the transition into their golden years be as comfortable as possible for our loyal companions. Because they understand wellness stems from far more than following a vaccine schedule, the staff at Cherokee also offer nutritional guidance for pets with special needs, such as weight management. Offering on site grooming, boarding and even training classes are just some of the ways the Cherokee family is truly there for yours, every step of the way.


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