Facts About Spaying and Neutering Pets in Mesa AZ

When you get your new kitten or puppy you’re overjoyed! Adding a new family member to the household is a special moment for pet owners that they will remember forever. However, many pet owners are not aware of the treatments and procedures that their pet needs to receive in order to live a long healthy life. One of the most debatable decisions that you will probably have to make for your new addition is whether or not to have them spayed (female pet) or neutered (male pet). The procedure takes place in an animal hospital. In Mesa, Arizona, there are several animal hospitals where a pet can be spayed or neutered. The animal clinic and will require your pet to stay for approximately three days. The prices can vary, but the benefits that will result from the procedure are well worth every penny.

If you are looking for a hospital or animal clinic for spaying and neutering in Mesa AZ you can search the internet or enquire from the ASPCA to find out where you can get the procedure done at a price affordable to you. Since people hesitate about having their pets operated on, it may also be good for your piece of mind to do some research and find out exactly what the benefits to this procedure are to your pet. Some of the benefits that you might find may surprise you, as most pet owners are not aware of how it affects their pet. Here are a few benefits to spaying or neutering your pet:

Female pets will benefit from being spayed. Their lifespan will more than likely increase and it will also help to prevent breast cancer and urinary infections. During the mating season a female cat is described as being “on heat”. During this time she will try to find a suitable mate to reproduce with and will cry to get out of the house. Being spayed will eliminate this and give both the female pet and your family piece of mind.

If you get your male pet neutered prior to turning 6 months of age, his chances of getting testicular cancer are greatly reduced. Neutering your male pet will also prevent him from being restless during the mating season looking for a female to reproduce with.

Considering that spaying and neutering reduces the risk of illness in your pet and eliminates the nuisance of dealing with a restless pet during the mating season, it is clear that it is a wise choice to spay and neuter your pets. Your pet is a part of your family, and deserves the chance to have a disease-free life. So, find the nearest animal hospital to you in Mesa Arizona and have your pets spayed and neutered as soon as they are old enough for this.

Spay And Neuter Mesa AZ – To find an animal clinic to spay and neuter your pets in Mesa AZ, visit familyvetcare.com. There you will find all of the information you need to get your pets the treatment they need to lead a long and healthy life.



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