Enjoy Your Pregnancy and Childbirth with a Hill Country Midwife

As soon as you find out you’re expecting a baby, you’ll want to begin planning for your labor and delivery. While an obstetrician is a good option, especially if you have any medical issues that might need to be monitored throughout your pregnancy, a midwife is another option to consider. This is someone who can offer input and assistance with various aspects of your pregnancy, as well as assist with your labor and delivery.


As with an obstetrician, you’ll visit with a Hill Country midwife throughout your pregnancy. These visits could be once a month or every few weeks, depending on how often you want or need to see your midwife. Each appointment usually includes listening to your baby’s heartbeat, checking your vital signs, and performing a physical examination close to your due date to see if you have started the labor process. If there are any concerns, your midwife can speak with your doctor about interventions that might need to be made.

Assistance with Labor

When the time arrives for you to meet your little one, your Hill Country midwife can come to your home, if you choose this birth plan. If you want to birth in a hospital or healthcare setting, your midwife can assist by staying with you from the time you arrive until your baby is born. Your midwife will monitor you throughout labor and delivery, and midwives are often trained to assist with emergencies if they arise. Post-partum care includes checking your baby and ensuring that you’re healing as you should after the birth.

Contact Support the Mama Midwifery Services at https://www.burnetmidwife.com/ for more information about what to expect during your pregnancy.

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