End Elbow Pain, Seek Care in Hoffman Estates

Many people that experience pain in their joints suffers through the pain daily. It is sometimes thought that pain is simply a part of aging. Others hope it may go away on its own. Elbow pain, however, is usually a sign of something significant. A visit to your orthopedic care specialist in Hoffman Estates can help end the pain. Common issues include arthritis, sports injuries, and pinched nerves. Overuse of the elbow is common in things like tennis and golf. Specific treatment must be adhered to for pain to subside.

Proper Diagnosis

The first step to resolving your pain is to find the issue. It can be easy to make assumptions. However, proper testing can reveal the true culprit. A general care doctor may not be as thorough when it comes to diagnosis. An orthopedic professional has likely seen your problem many times throughout their career. They can offer imaging tests and accurate readings. Your activity level and range of motion are also taken into consideration.

Treatment Plan

The right treatment plan needs to be planned out. Recovery from an elbow injury, especially one that involves a fracture, can take weeks or months. Orthopedic specialists can find the most successful plan of action for your specific injury. It is common to be told to limit the offending activity for a period. There may also be physical therapy involved to strengthen the area. Severe issues often require surgery or anti-inflammatory medications.

Elbow pain can start out subtle and progress to limited movement over time. The key to ending the pain is to achieve a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Orthopedic care is the best option.

Debilitating elbow pain can be treated. Make an appointment with Gitelis Orthopedics in Hoffman Estates, or visit them online at https://www.gitelisortho.com/.

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