Effective Weight Loss Program

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Healthcare

The very first thing you should do as you consider weight loss is take a note pad and write down what your goals are. Would you like to lose ten lbs, thirty lbs, or maybe more? How long should you give yourself to fulfill your main goal?

Recording a definite and concise weight loss goal in writing could be a source of great determination that you could look at time and time again to keep it fresh in your thoughts. The next task is to consider your diet program. Cut down on all the avoidable fast foods such as candy, chips and soda. Just by eliminating soda, for instance, will help you lose five lbs or even more. Giving up sugary foods which are full of carbohydrates is essential. Raise your intake of water and drink it at regular intervals every day. Having more water will control your appetite and help keep your body hydrated that helps with recuperation and energy. Raise your protein consumption while focusing on food items which are low in carbohydrates. Protein helps you to burn off fat and increase muscular mass and will enable you to benefit from the exercise that you’ll be doing and fuel your body effectively.

The next aspect of a good weight loss program is a solid exercise regime which includes a combination of cardio and weight training exercise. Usually you should do cardio workouts like jogging, stair climbing, elliptical exercise machines, or other aerobic exercise which will get your target heart rate in the fat loss area and keep it there for half an hour or even more. You want to do cardiovascular exercise regularly at a minimum of 3 times every week.

For resistance training with weights, you can work out all of your major parts of the body once a week and lift modest to heavy weight. Try to use free weights if it is possible, as they’ll work out more muscles compared to machines. The combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis will develop muscle, get your metabolic rate up, and help to get your body into weight loss mode.

weight loss

weight loss

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