Ease Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Chiropractic

One of the most popular pain relief systems for back pain is chiropractic treatment. That’s the answer given by the 22 million Americans who seek treatment from their chiropractors every year. Major causes of back pain include accidents in sports and muscle strains.

The Basics

Chiropractic treatments primarily involve spinal manipulation, though often mixed in with alternative treatments. This treatment system operates under the idea that the proper alignment of the body—in particular, of its spine and muscles—helps the body recover without the need for any invasive procedures or operations. In that way, any illness is caused by an imbalance in the systems or misalignment and can be properly corrected through a manual manipulation of the spine and muscles.


There are plenty of benefits that chiropractic care offers, most specially to those who suffer from chronic back pain. These are:

No trauma to the body. Because this treatment program involves the manual manipulation of the spine and muscles, it’s non-invasive. That means the body isn’t weakened in any way. That’s how chiropractors allow the body to heal itself faster.

No recovery times. Because it’s non-invasive, patients don’t need to undergo long recovery times. Worried you’ll miss out on so many days at work? Patients no longer have to take an enforced bed rest. No need to recuperate at home, counting the days until you’re better. With chiropractic treatment, you get the pain relief you need without the long recovery time.

No side-effects. Unlike medications that could be detrimental to your health in the long run, this treatment won’t leave any negative side-effects. For instance, everyone knows it’s not a good idea to reach out for pain meds every time you have a sore back. That’s because pain medication, when abused, starts to hurt your kidneys. With a chiropractic procedure, you could go for all your sessions and more without having to fear it’s going to be bad for your health in the next 3 or 5 years.

So if you’ve got back pain problems, why not give chiropractic care a try? For your first consultation, book an appointment with us at Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center. With a host of wellness treatment programs, we can help you ease sore back muscles. In the case of chronic back pain, we can help you determine a better pain management system for you that’s fully chiropractic-based.

Fix back pain with chiropractic care. Call us at the Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center for your first appointment today! You can also connect with them on Facebook.


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