Dog Training in Alexandria VA Is the Best Move for Your Pet

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Animal Hospitals, Personal Training

It’s not hard to understand why so many people in Alexandria VA have dogs as a family pet. Dogs are loving and loyal and wait patiently every hour of every day hoping for nothing more than attention from their owners, namely you. To have something just give you love and always want to be near you and spend time with you is one of the biggest reasons people own dogs. But with all that unconditional love and dedication we owe our dogs more than just a warm place to sleep, regular meals and a walk now and then. Responsible pet ownership means taking responsibility for your dog’s behavior and responsible dog owners need dog training in Alexandria VA.

As a member of the community you have certain responsibilities, certainly safety is something that should be guaranteed anyone who unsuspectingly walks in front of your house. Yet an untrained dog can quickly frighten or feel threatened by a stranger walking in front of your house if you are outside. Your dog may think it’s protecting you and become aggressive. But even if your dog hasn’t a vicious bone in his body and is more a danger of licking some strange passerby to death, they can’t know that. No one likes a dog that approaches without regard for being called back by its owner. It’s frightening to be approached by a strange dog, and while he may not be a threat in your mind, an untrained dog is as welcomed as a screaming baby, not at all. Do the one thing that is expected of every responsible dog owner and train your dog to behave and always respond to your every command.

Just what is your dog to do if one day you are approached by another dog and he feels threatened? Now is it realistic that your dog be alone all of the time but instantly know how to behave when other dogs are suddenly present? Your dog cannot communicate that it really just wants to play or that perhaps it feels threatened and is scared so it acts out its anxiety by being aggressive. It’s not your dog’s fault if he’s not been trained around other dogs as to how to behave. Dog’s need socialization with and around other dogs to discover how it is you expect them to behave. By taking dog training classes in Alexandria VA your dog will learn just what you want him to do at all times. And that is just what is needed so he can actually be your best friend.



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