Do You Need Sports Goggles in Brookline, MA?

Wearing corrective lenses can be a hassle at times. Corrective lenses are a very big hassle if you play sports. If you do play sports, you have a few options when it comes to lenses. One option is you can choose to forego your corrective lenses. However, for some people, that is not really an option. Another option is you can choose contact lenses. For some people, contact lenses do not work because of the sport they play or because they find contact lenses uncomfortable. The final option is prescription goggles. Prescription sports goggles will solve many of your problems.

Prescription Goggles

Prescription sports goggles in Brookline, MA are useful because they are not susceptible to damage the way normal eyeglasses are. They are also going to stay secured to your face much better than a pair of normal glasses. When it comes to choosing sports goggles you have two basic options. You can either choose normal sports goggles or swim goggles. The differences are fairly minor but they can be important depending on your sport preferences.

If you want prescription swim goggles, you should browse our website. There are many different options for styles of goggles available.

Swim Goggles

The difference between sports goggles and swim goggles is mainly that swim goggles are waterproof. They are designed to keep the water out of your goggles while you are swimming. In addition, they are a little bit tighter around your eyes. Goggles that are designed for non-water sports are often open at the bottom and around the lenses. They are made of plastic that has been ground and polished to correct your vision but they look more like normal glasses.

If you are planning to swim in your goggles, you should opt for swim goggles. While it might not be the most comfortable option, you can play other sports in swim goggles. You will have a harder time swimming in goggles that not designed for water.

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