Do Spray Sunscreens Work?

It might seem like common sense that a sunscreen is going to work just as well as another sunscreen, even if the two exist in different forms. As such, you might not think about whether a cream sunscreen is as good as a spray sunscreen or vice versa.

The truth is that different sunscreens offer different advantages, in terms of price, efficiency, coverage, and protection. That’s why we wanted to find out if spray sunscreens work as well as the alternatives. So let’s start with what options there are!

Lotion and cream sunscreen is the type that comes in a tube or bottle. You squirt it out, apply it like a lotion, and go on. It takes time to work on the skin and does leave you with greasy hands when you’re done. However, it’s also probably the most common choice of sunscreen out there and it seems to work. It can leave a heavy feeling to your skin though, depending on the brand.

Safe sunscreen spray is a popular option as well, largely because it’s so simple to use. You just spray it on the areas where it is needed and then go on to enjoy your fun in the sun. Some of the obvious advantages are that you don’t have to rub in a lotion and there is no oily feeling left on the hands when you’re done.

So, both types of sunscreens work to protect you from the sun’s rays. However, some spray sunscreens are better than others. Many spray sunscreens are not environmentally friendly and can cause major issues for fish and wildlife who live in the ocean. This is especially true if you’re somewhere with coral reef nearby.

Not all sprays are the same, however. There are reef and environmentally friendly spray sunscreens out there if you do the work to find them. Those who prefer not to, may be well-matched sticking with a lotion or cream sunscreen, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Those who appreciate the convenience of spray, but want to ensure they do no harm to the environment they are visiting, should look at safe sunscreen spray, like the ones offered by Tropical Seas. These are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and boast SPF ratings from 15 all the way up to 45+.

If you want to learn more about the eco-friendly spray sunscreens available, you can reach our office at 800-368-SEAS.

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