Details About The EDP Shot In Del Mar, CA

In California, erectile dysfunction doesn’t just affect men physically. It takes a toll on men emotionally and psychologically. The effects of Low-T, diabetes, and heart disease often lead to the development of erectile dysfunction. A local clinic provides the EDP Shot in Del Mar CA that reduces symptoms and provides more effective results.

What is the Erectile Dysfunction Priapus Shot?

The regenerative autologous treatment is created from platelet-rich plasma. The clinician removes a blood sample from another area of the body and uses specialized equipment to separate the platelets. The platelets are injected into the penile tissue. The purpose of the platelet-rich plasma treatment is to increase proteins and improve growth factors.

What are the Benefits of the Injections?

First, men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction achieve stronger erections after the shot. They obtain more length and girth with their erections. The curvature that is caused by Peyronie’s Disease is corrected and the penile tissue is reshaped. Some men experience heightened sensitivity and increased blood flow.

Why is the Priapus Shot Considered Safer?

Standard treatments for erectile dysfunction include oral medications, such as Viagra and Cialis. Each of the medications causes a sudden drop in blood pressure. For men who have cardiovascular disease, the effects of the medication could prove fatal in the most severe cases.

Testosterone shots are another common treatment used for erectile dysfunction. Although it has proven success rates, the increase in testosterone produces unhealthy effects, such as agitation and severe mood swings.

Unlike these treatments, the priapus shot consists of all-natural substances. The patient isn’t at risk of contracting diseases since the sample is drawn from their own body. The treatment doesn’t include any substances that cause severe mood swings or affect the patient’s blood pressure.

In California, erectile dysfunction presents a multitude of difficulties for men. The blow to their self-esteem and confidence creates a strain in their romantic relationships. The effects of the condition produce feelings of self-doubt and anxiety about performance and endurance in the bedroom. Patients with erectile dysfunction who want to learn more about the EDP Shot in Del Mar CA are encouraged to contact Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine for more info now. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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