Dental Care at Home: Dentist Arlington TX

Dental care begins at home, and it is important that you purchase safe and effective oral products that help you maintain good dental health. Products purchased for oral care should also be easy to use, can be effectively cleaned or disposed of and contain the Seal of Approval from the American Dental Association for safe use. Learn about the kinds of products and tools that are the best for dental care at home.

Your dentist in Arlington TX may explain that you choose a toothbrush that is comfortable in your hand, and is not made of hard bristles that can be abrasive to your tooth enamel and the surrounding delicate gum tissue. Although manual tooth-brushing is just as effective as the electronically powered models, motorized types may be helpful to people who have difficulty with grasping the handles of toothbrushes from conditions such as arthritis.

Floss Selection

Brushing alone will not reach all the areas of the teeth that collect plaque. Flossing is an effective and necessary part of dental care that removes debris between teeth. Waxed floss may be easier to use if the spaces between your teeth are tight; however, both waxed and unwaxed floss are equally effective. For those who have difficulty manipulating strands of floss during use, consider in investing in a specialized floss holder. If you still find it difficult to use floss effectively, ask your dentist in Arlington TX about interdental cleaning devices that are safe, easy to handle and helpful.

Mouthwashes and Oral Rinses

Mouth rinsing products are generally used to mask or improve the odor of breath. You should use only dental rinses that have received the American Dental Association as it is displayed proudly on the product label. These products may be effective in removing plaque and assisting with the condition of gingivitis. For some individuals with dry mouth issues, over-the-counter mouthwash can contain high levels of alcohol and actually worsen the condition. Consult with your dentist on oral rinses that can help moisten dry mouth and support healing.

Choose Safe and Effective Products

Ensure you dental health and select helpful products that are safe and useful. Ask your dentist before including any over-the-counter dental products to be sure they do not interfere with your current treatment or restorative dental work. If you have mobility issues, consult your dentist for the best alternative product to maintain your dental health.

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