Could Your Smile Benefit From Teeth Whitening in East Hanover?

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Dentist

Out of the many cosmetic dental procedures offered in dental offices across the country, one of the most popular, is teeth whitening. No matter what issues you may be facing with your smile, having white teeth can make it look better. With whitening being one of the less expensive methods of improving smiles, many people are opting for this type of treatment each year, so they can feel more confident in their appearance. Through Teeth Whitening in East Hanover, your smile can be improved and look better than you ever imagined.

What are the Types of Stains Your Teeth Can Suffer With and What Causes Them?

Tooth staining can occur because of the aging process, eating and drinking certain foods, smoking and medications. The method of whitening your dentist uses will depend on the type of staining you are suffering with.

     *      Extrinsic staining — This type of staining is found mainly on the surface of your teeth, in the enamel area. This is the easiest type of staining to remove and responds well to most Teeth Whitening in East Hanover. This type of staining is typically caused by drinking coffee, colas, wine or smoking. It can also be caused by taking poor care of your oral hygiene.

     *      Intrinsic staining — Intrinsic staining occurs in the dentin area of the tooth, the area just under the enamel. When you experience intrinsic staining, it is often caused by health concerns, medications or an excess amount of Fluoride exposure during the first eight years of life. Intrinsic staining is more difficult to treat, but can be whitened, through special whitening solutions.

How are the Different Types of Staining Treated by the Dentist?

Extrinsic staining can be treated using vital whitening treatments. These treatments are carried out through the use of a peroxide gel. There are different types of peroxide that can be used. Hydrogen peroxide is typically used for traditional Teeth Whitening peroxide is used more for bleaching.

If you have intrinsic staining or you have had a root canal, you will need non-vital whitening. Through this treatment, the dentist will apply a whitener inside your tooth and you will wear a temporary filling for a few days, to whiten the tooth from the inside out.

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