Cosmetic Dentistry Panama City Beach FL

Local cosmetic dentist Panama City Beach FL area involves dental work that helps to improve the overall appearance of the person’s teeth, full bite and gums. Unfortunately the American Dental Association has refused to view cosmetic dentistry as a specialty. There are two cosmetic dentist Panama City Beach FL dental specialties in the field which are prosthodontics and orthodontics. Local cosmetic dentistry treats:

Adding materials to the teeth or gums such as porcelain veneers or laminates, bonding, gum grafts, and crowns (caps).

Gums or tooth structure removal such as gingivectomy and enameloplasty.

Teeth bleaching (whitening) which is one of the most common cosmetic dental practices. This can be done easily with over-the-counter products, lightening discolored teeth through the dentist-based assistance.

Straightening the patient’s teeth and improves the appearance of the patient’s facial structure (orthodontics).

Closing tooth gaps in between the teeth

Cavities filled with tooth-colored materials

Repairing rough edges and chipped teeth with fillings that can easily match the patient’s teeth

Porcelain crowns cover or cap broken teeth

The local dentists Panama City Beach FL Reshaping teeth also known as sculpting and bonding which easily performed within one dental office visit. The tooth bonding involves the usage of a dental composite material that is enamel-like applied directly to the tooth’s surface. The tooth is sculpted into a shape, then it is hardened and polished.

Dental bridges also known as pontics false teeth that fused together between two porcelain crowns which fills the missing tooth area. The two crowns hold them in place and attached to the side of the false teeth. Veneers is another popularly used procedure that uses extremely thin custom-made porcelain material (laminates) which are bonded directly on the teeth.

Bite Adjustment is for patients who need to have their vertical dimensional alignment adjusted. There are many patients who have had excessive wear and tear to their teeth after many years of usage. Some patients grind their teeth or experience acid reflux problems which greatly alters their face and smile.

The materials used for dental fillings, crowns and other tooth restorations are made out of metals, amalgam, and gold. Some materials are made out of porcelain or other composite materials. The materials are made to look like the structure of natural teeth.

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