Coping With Hayfever in Louisville KY

Hayfever in Louisville KY is a condition that affects a good number of people and can range in severity. For the most part, it affects individuals from March to September. People who suffer from this condition should learn the best ways that they can handle it. If efforts at home don’t help, contacting a professional is a must.

Handling The Home

Anyone with hayfever in Louisville KY can stay indoors more to avoid symptoms from flaring up, but a home that isn’t properly prepared won’t provide much relief. Pollen must be kept away from the inside of the home. That means keeping windows closed. Frequent vacuuming can help get rid of any pollen that gets tracked through the home on the carpeting. Buying a pollen filter can also help a great deal. When entering the home after work or school, clothing should be changed as soon as possible.

More Tips

There are some other things that can be done to control hayfever. Using over-the-counter medication can help control some of the symptoms. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these medications can vary from person to person. Sunglasses that can wrap around the eyes and provide more cover can help to keep pollen out of the eyes. Some allergy will dab vaseline around their noses to help trap pollen. Bathing or showering after coming home can remove pollens from the skin and hair.

What Not To Do

Certain things should be avoided so that symptoms aren’t aggravated. A person with these allergies should never cut the grass or do any landscaping work. It’s also not a good idea to hang clothing outside to dry. Keeping flowers inside the house can make allergies much worse. It’s also known that smoking or just being around smoke can make symptoms worse. If an allergy sufferer can’t find relief on their own, they should visit us to get a consultation and the help that they need.

Allergies that are mild can usually be controlled without the help of a professional. However, when the symptoms become too much to handle, an allergy sufferer should explore more options. Allergists have some effective methods that they can use to treat allergies.

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