Considering Laser Treatments Sarasota FL? Read This First!

In recent years, lasers has left the world of science fiction to become a powerful weapon against aging skin. It can be considered when needing a facelift or if resurfacing is a possibility, as these two ways are the most effective ways to give a person a new look. The technique consists of a controlled burn of the skin, during which radiation vaporizes the more superficial layers. This removes not only wrinkles and lines, but also some premalignant and benign lesions, caused by solar damage and aging.

The laser creates a surface on which new skin can be born. Collagen is a key protein in the structure of the skin, which helps give skin its characteristic texture. Because of aging and sun damage the collagen fibers break, losing its smooth surface and wrinkles soon appear. Laser Treatments Sarasota FL can regenerate and rejuvenate collagen and return 10 to 15 years back (in terms of looks). But before you go running to your surgeon and ask him or her to stop the passage of time, read what comes next:

1. Not all patients are candidates for facial rejuvenation. The laser cannot raise sagging cheeks, get rid of excess skin or fat, nor can it rejuvenate the skin in other areas of the body. These conditions respond to traditional methods of surgery. Moreover, some people with extremely sensitive skin may not tolerate the prescribed medications and/or lubricants used after the procedure.

2. Tans are not good candidates, as the lasers risk altering the color of the skin. Also, there could be an increased risk of facial scars as a result of the procedure, similar to those observed after burns. It is perhaps for these reasons that this type of procedure has not gained acceptance in the medical community in tropical countries, and predominantly for those with brown skin.

3. Likewise, patients should be psychologically prepared for a process that is far from pleasant, and understand that this is not a simple, nor is it a speedy recovery process. Most will spend the first 10 days post-op, literally “locked” in their homes. Their face will look crusty -; like burnt toast. It will be red, greasy and very unpleasant. However, the rewards of the procedure are plentiful.

If you believe that plastic surgery is something you want to pursue, contact Sarasota Premier Aesthetics today.

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