Common Reasons Why an Auto Accident Chiropractor Is Needed

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Chiropractic

An auto accident is not an event that is small or insignificant. It is a life-changing event that causes severe physical ailments. From constant back pain to restricted neck movements, auto accident victims are in constant need of physical therapy. Learn more about what auto accident victims go through on a regular basis. Then, see why an auto accident chiropractor is so important to these people.

Back Pain

Many auto accident sufferers complain about back pain. They could have sudden bouts of sharp, intense pain or regular bouts of moderate pain. Some people experience pain every time they move certain parts of the back or spine. This type of injury usually occurs when the body is suddenly thrust forward during the impact of a car crash. In some cases, the person moves the body in an unnatural way that twists and spins and causes unbearable pain.

An auto accident chiropractor has the tools to recognize the types of back pain and get to the root of the problem. He can prescribe massages to relieve pain in this area. He can use a spinal manipulation technique to apply force to the spine and help you adjust your body better.

Neck Pain

Many people involved in auto accidents have complained about neck pain. During impact, a person can experience severe whiplash that forces the head and neck forward. Whiplash is common for many drivers and passengers wearing seat belts.

A chiropractor identifies the main signs of neck pain, such as dizziness, numbness, noises, insomnia and restricted mobility. He usually prescribes physical therapy in place of medication. Anyone worried about the negative side effects of drugs are good candidates for this doctor’s techniques.

One of the main symptoms of neck pain is restricted mobility, which means you can barely move your neck left or right. A few bouts of intense pain prevent you from increasing your range of neck movements. A chiropractor will help you move your neck slowly and carefully at first. He knows that he cannot simply crack your neck and hope that everything starts working again. He knows there might be a pinched nerve that could get worse if he makes the wrong move. A chiropractor finds out the cause of your neck pain and helps you move this part of your body again.

Auto injury pain is not anything to take lightly. The last thing you want to do is ignore it and hope it goes away. If this problem is causing you intense headaches and dizziness, you want a solution right away. The chiropractors at Clow Chiropractic will find the right technique, such as massaging or spinal manipulation, that is proven to work. You are encouraged to speak with a specialist anytime you want relief after an accident.

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