Causes of Heel Pain

One of the most common medical conditions is having sore heels, and this is a condition that affects people of all different age groups. It can cause more than just pain in the feet. It can actually cause pain in the knees and hips, and make walking extremely painful. This is something that will need to be treated, because when left untreated, the pain will get worse, and other issues could arise. Many family physicians will advise their patients to see orthopedic specialists to treat this problem. In some cases, the pain will simply go away on its own, but many times, it gets worse and worse, and can become crippling, and sometimes even life threatening.

The most common causes of heel pain in Joliet are:

Planter Fasciitis – This begins with inflammation at the bottom of the foot. Sufferers feel pain in the tissue in the arch of the foot, which turns into the inflammation. This is something that is common in those who have high arches or very flat feet. Other causes include Achilles tendon problems, obesity, running a lot, and age.

Heel Bursitis – This is swelling or inflammation at the back of the heel, or the bursa. When one walks so they land hard on their heels, this condition can easily develop. It can also be caused by ill-fitting shoes, and a lump filled with fluid is the result. It causes pain at the back or inside the heel, and it can cause the Achilles tendon to swell and make the pain even worse.

Heel Bumps – This is a very common condition in young people whose heel bones have not completely matured. If the heel is rubbed a lot, it can cause too much bone to form. Often, those who have flat feet encounter this condition. It is also caused by wearing high heels before the foot bones are mature, and is often referred to as pump bumps.

Other causes of heel pain in Joliet include tarsal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures, calcaneal apophysitis (a disease of the heel), Achilles tendinosis (degenerative tendinopathy), bone cysts, heel pad inflammation, and chronic inflammation. Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates for more information.

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