Botox Used in Dental Procedures in St. Charles, IL

Cosmetic dental surgery is becoming a popular method to not only fix the appearance of one’s teeth, but also to rejuvenate their facial appearance much like cosmetic surgery. Dentists are saying that restoring the facial volume of dental implant patients is just as important to achieve maximum cosmetic results as the dental restoration work itself. It doesn’t do much good to update the look of your teeth, if the facial appearance around it still looks old and haggard. The face acts as the frame for the cosmetic dental work that is done, so the better the face looks, the better the dental work will look. Many dentists consider things such as facial volume and facial structure as part of the standard process of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. Currently, all states allow dentists to administer Botox In St. Charles IL when it is for a dental reason. Many people don’t realize that Botox helps to relieve pain and discomfort for several dental problems. Botox helps with dental issues such as temporomanidbular and other jaw/bone pain in the mouth. Surveys show that about eight percent of dentists registered in the United States provide cosmetic treatments like Botox to their patients. This number is rapidly growing, as more state dental boards fight for dentists to make greater use of cosmetic dentistry.

Many dentists haven’t educated themselves on the benefits that Botox St. Charles IL, and other cosmetic injectable, offers to dental treatment, especially for cosmetic uses. Botox can help dentists give their patients satisfying results because it can relax muscles that cause aging around the mouth and raise the corners of the mouth, smooth out wrinkles, and give you an even greater look of youth. More and more dentists are coming to view Botox as a natural and practical expansion to their dental practices. Some physicians argue that dentists aren’t qualified to administer injectable. Dentists argue that they have as much knowledge and training about oral and facial areas as most dermatologists and other general physicians. They can be just as proficient and successful at administering Botox St. Charles IL as their medical doctor counterparts. This is obviously a field of dentistry that will evolve and take greater shape over time.

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